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Customised access control systems

Available for purchase and installation across the UK.

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Have control over access to your property

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Have 100% control over who has access to your property with Northern Eye Security’s wide range of domestic access control systems. From one-door digital lock codes on garages or sheds to a computer controlled multi-system that can control door entry on your whole property. Speak to our friendly specialists today to discuss your requirements.

Gate security

Range of systems

We have a range of systems to meet all your security requirements:

  • Stand-alone door entry keypad

  • Gate automation

  • Exit buttons

  • Electromagnetic locks 

  • Audio door entry systems

  • Video door entry systems

And more, get in contact with our team to discuss all the ways we can protect your home or business.

Access systems

SSAIB approved 

You can count on Northern Eye Security for your access control installation, maintenance and repairs. We only use the newest technology and our engineers pride themselves on going above and beyond for our clients. Our priority is making sure you feel safe. We also offer Smart home systems, enabling you to control everything from your lighting to your TV through voice command or an app!

Access systems


Intercoms or door cams are a brilliant solution for family members who cannot get to the door. High-quality cameras are fitted at the front door and are connected via speakers and microphones. Meaning that when someone rings your doorbell, you’re able to see your visitor and speak to them directly without having to go to the door. You can also control whether to unlock the door for them. Increasing security, surveillance and comfort in your home.

Professional domestic access control installation and products available across the UK, contact our expert team today.

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